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Movado meaning always in motion is a brand that has been a specialist of change for ages. The watches are crafted in such a fashion that they have an attractive and marvellous appearance, giving equal importance to the design and functionality. Innovation and creativity are the main parameters taken into consideration while crafting a Movado watch. The result of such efforts can be seen in their designs which are highly precise and accurate. They have incorporated many changes in designing their watches since 1905 and are still using novel techniques to make them look more attractive. The timepieces can never be overlooked because of their stunning designs and the blend of unique colours. It was the first brand to explore time as a design with its unique trademark design of a single dot created by Nathan George Horwitt, an American industrial designer. The dot at 12 o'clock symbolizes the sun at noon and the minimalistic approach towards the design element is directly taken from the Bauhaus School of Art, a German art school that emphasized the minimalistic and mass production approach of the design element.

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